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Alsace enjoys a sunny semi-continental climate, facing south-west, with a wide variety of terroirs. The best Riesling, Gewurztraminer and other Pinot Gris were born here. The Orschwiller winery located on the lands of Haut-Koningsbourg, the wines are 100% vinified and elaborated over more than 3 generations.


Considered the oldest and most prestigious in the world, synonymous with exceptional
vintages, the Bordeaux vineyards are protected from the Atlantic winds by a natural barrier of pine trees and benefit from ideal climatic conditions. With over 120,000 hectares of vineyards, there is not just one but six routes that will take you through the different wine appellations. There is a great diversity of wines, as the terroirs, climates and blends are so varied.


At the crossroads of continental, Mediterranean and oceanic influences,
the climate and geology give its wines an inimitable identity. The sunshine and high temperatures in summer allow for optimal ripening of the grapes, thus concentrating the aromas.


The Loire and its many tributaries play a significant moderating role in the vineyards. By encouraging the existence of a multitude of microclimates that are favorable to vine growing, it contributes to the great diversity of wines. Their buffering effect is decisive, particularly in the production of sweet and syrupy wines.

Côtes du Rhône

Crossed entirely by the Rhône, the region draws its strength from this rich and powerful river which lends it its character as much as it sculpts its terroir. Terroirs, soils, Mediterranean climate, more than 23 grape varieties. Scents of fruit, spices or garrigue, to discover...


The Languedoc Roussillon vineyard is the largest single vineyard in France with a surface area of 226,000 hectares. It is constantly growing and is recognized worldwide for the quality and specificity of its wines. Son climat méditerranéen confère au vin toute sa plénitude et la constance de la qualité d’un millésime sur l’autre.

Vin de pays

The designation vin de pays, PGI or protected geographical indication, is distinguished by the middle ground it provides between wine production that is totally free of constraints. And one that must follow strict rules designed to give a local wine the best reputation on the markets.

Maître sommelier

Cooperative located in the Languedoc, it is more than 1250 winegrowers on 1450 hectares who combine their know-how. Fruity and sweet wines whose grape variety mix is specifically chosen on site by GDC.

Maîtres Viticulteurs

Cooperative located in the Languedoc, it is m.ore than 1250 winegrowers on 1450 hectares who combine their know-how. Fruity and sweet wines whose grape variety mix is specifically chosen on site by GDC

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