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Private label spirits


Elevating your distillery's identity and offering.


What exactly are private label spirits? Put simply, they are spirits produced by a distillery but marketed and sold under another brand's label. This approach allows us, a Belgian distillery, to showcase our expertise and production capabilities while catering to the unique requirements and preferences of various partners and customers.


One of the key advantages of private label spirits lies in the ability to tailor the product to meet specific brand objectives. Whether it's a retailer, restaurant, or even an event organizer, partnering with a Belgian distillery like ours to create a private label spirit, offers a bespoke experience that resonates with the target audience. From choosing the base spirit and crafting the flavor profile to designing the label and packaging, every aspect can be customized to reflect the partner's brand identity and story.


Venturing into the private label space presents a myriad of opportunities. Firstly, it allows us to leverage our expertise and infrastructure to create additional revenue streams. By collaborating with partners who are seeking exclusive spirits to complement their brand portfolios, distilleries can tap into new market segments and expand their customer base.


Furthermore, private label spirits foster stronger partnerships and brand loyalty. Collaborating closely with retailers or establishments to develop a unique spirit creates a sense of ownership and exclusivity. Customers who identify with the partner brand will be enticed by the opportunity to experience a spirit that cannot be found elsewhere. This strengthens the bond between the distillery and the partner, leading to long-term collaborations and potential repeat business.


Private label spirits


private label spirits
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